Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's been almost a year since the last post on here.  Sorry about the lag, but we've been busy!

Since the last post we have released a few records that we are really stoked about!  Two Lps and One 7", with a few more in the works.
The 1st Lp was released by: Sacred Plague Records,  Rotten to the Core, MasaPunk, Circus of the Macabre and a few others.
The 2nd Lp was released by: Give Praise Records in the US and I Feel Good Records in Europe.  We just created a bandcamp page for this lp.  Check it out at
The 7" is two song and it was released by: To Live a Lie,  Pan Del Muerte Records, and Riddle of Steel Records

In the Works:  
In about a month or so, everything for our Upcoming Discography CD will be sent to the presses.  It's 43 songs and 56 Minutes of splits/eps/unreleased tracks.  It will be released by Give Praise Records and Blastasfuk. 
We also have a split 5" in the works with Grind masters from Singapore MAGNICIDE!

Monday, February 28, 2011


We have a bunch of new releases coming out soon:  
2 - Lp's  
Discography CD
5" split with Magnicide
7" split with Sarjan Hassan.  

Most of those should be out soon and are going to be released in the US and Europe.  The discography is to be released in Australia.  If anyone is interested in releasing any of these on cd or tape, or an Lp version of the discography, get in touch.  Also the Sarjan Hassan split also still needs another label or two so let us know if anyone wants to help out with that one.  
We're always kickin' around the idea of touring so if anyone has any suggestions or can help us tour any distant locations we would love to hear from you.  
Possible tours in the works: US East/West Coast, Europe.  
Dream Tours: SE Asia, South America.  If any can help make these tours a reality, get in touch.  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upcoming Releases!!

We just recorded and have a bunch of new releases coming out.  We are especially excited about our first Full Length! 
We have also recorded enough for a 7" and a few split 7"s.   A few of these projects still need help from a label(s) to get released.  So, if you are interested in helping out, get in touch. "blackholepunx (at)"